Trial of Valor and Beyond


Searching for talented, goal-oriented players for ToV and NH. If you can follow directions, not stand in shit, learn quickly, and want to carve your own path to the top, apply here, then message me @ Mateo#1234. Look forward to hearing from you!


Mythic Archimonde

Mythic Archimonde

Here we are. To those of you that thought we died, and are still trying to poach us – Sorry to disappoint you. We’ll see you at the top next tier!

Still here


Recruiting talented players for T18. :>

Finally; US12th

A long time coming guys; see you in Blackrock Foundry!

A long time coming guys; see you in Blackrock Foundry!

Recruiting Strong Competitive Players


Recruiting DPS for Warlords of Draenor

LOGO2Pathogen has climbed from US #81 to US #36 in just one tier. We are looking to continue this climb on a 16 hour raid schedule (Mon-Thurs 6:30-10:30 PST) and push top 10 by the end of WoD. We have a solid roster, but we are looking to bolster it even more with high tier DPS players that know the ins and outs of their class. With the goals we have, keep in mind that even though we have been farming Siege of Orgrimmar for seven months, we are setting our standards higher than ever. We expect preparation, knowledge, and performance. We have a great core of players that like to keep a light mood while remaining competitive. If you have any questions before filling out an application, feel free to message an officer.

KyKy#1727    Sniper#1365     Prymal#1795     Mateo#1234

New Website is Live!

newsThirteen Thirty Seven has been renamed to Pathogen, and with it came a new website. The website is still being modified and perfected, but it is already a clear improvement. Some links may be empty for now, but they will quickly fill themselves in when Warlords of Draenor begins. Feel free to check everything out in the mean time, and members make sure you get registered on the new forums!